How to to create your days with purpose so you can finally stop
the to-do list madness.

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Truth bomb: Mommy burnout doesn't have to be your normal.
It's time to rewrite the motherhood narrative and buy our time back.


  • What routines really are (and more importantly, aren’t) and why they work for everyone, even if they've failed you in the past.
  • How to finally get out from underneath the piles of to-do lists that never get done, whether you’re a SAHM, are working outside the home, own a business and anything in between. 
  • 3 myths you've been taught about routines that are keeping you stuck on a hamster wheel of exhaustion (and how to finally make them work FOR you)
  • How to make routines work for your unique schedule, even if your days are unpredictable.
  • 5 simple steps to help you prioritize what’s most important to you so you can end decision fatigue and get started now!

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Hey friend! I'm Kendra Hennessy, the CEO of Mother Like a Boss™ and podcast host

I'm home management expert and podcast host and I put reluctant homemakers back in the driver's seat of motherhood through realistic routines and practical mindset shifts. I'm passionate about changing the narrative of modern motherhood and ending the stigma that burnout is a part of the deal. I started Mother Like a Boss™ as a way to empower moms through realistic, simplistic changes. I live in upstate NY with my husband Adam and our two spunky kiddos, Ava and Everett.