Just Clean It Challenge

#justcleanit challenge 5 days, 5 rooms, 5 five-minute sprints each day

simple tasks, uncomplicated cleaning 


Cleaning the house is a necessary evil and somedays, you can't decide if it is more necessary or evil. In fact, most days, you'd rather just put on blinders and pretend it really doesn't need to be done. It feels like a burden you can't get away from and worse yet, you're not even sure where to start, what to use, how often to do it, or what needs to be done. It's like your entire day is taken up with one mess after another. Ugh.

Mama, I got you. This 5 day #justcleanit challenge was designed with the every-mom in mind, to help you take the cleaning step-by-step and recognize how much you can get in a short amount of time. Momentum is the name of the game. No need to have a love for cleaning. I'm giving you the instructions and the accountability. You do the rest. And best of all, this is F-R-E-E. 

You've spent enough mom moments stressed about the mess

Time to get your momentum back. Time to just clean it

So what will you get when you join?

Daily email prompts with quick and easy instructions and tips

You won't be stuck wondering what to do.

We'll be focusing on the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom and "all the small things" (you know, those nagging areas that always get neglected or forgotten)

An exclusive challenge area in case you miss an email

There is nothing worse than signing up for something incredible and missing the emails because the tech Gods are angry that day. I've created a simple challenge area that you can sign into just in case the email doesn't make it's way to your inbox.

Momentum over motivation in real time when YOU need it. 

This isn't just another challenge to get you pumped up or make you rely on pure motivation. This is all about simple tasks made easy for even the "I HATE to clean" crowd out there.

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It's totally free and it'll be totally fun (yep, cleaning can be fun.)