Goal For It 3 Day Challenge

GOAL FOR IT A 3 day challenge to jumpstart your goals without waiting for the new year . We're sorry you missed it, but this challenge has ended 

Picture it: 

It's January 1. You're sitting at your kitchen table, hot cup of coffee next to you, planner and 50 color flair pens by your side. You were told this is how you set goals. This is how it's done. You're ready to plan the year and set your goals. "THIS is going to be my best year ever. Nothing can stop me. I'm so prepared."

Now, it's June. Your planner is hiding underneath a pile of clutter and you can't even remember a single goal you set for yourself. You're thinking, "Eh, next year. That will be my year. January will be here soon enough. Then I will really set some goals."

Why does January get all the goal-setting glory? Who voted January to be the prom queen of the planning world? (She doesn’t even go here!) June is just as pretty and she’s got more to offer than just “dads and grads”

Goal For It is a 3 day challenge to jumpstart your goals without waiting for the new year.  



So what are you getting when you join in?

Daily emails with your challenge prompts 

You won't be stuck wondering what to do. The emails are quick and include a special video each day to give you the support you need to make big changes in a only a few days.

An exclusive challenge page in case you miss an email

There is nothing worse than signing up for something incredible and missing the emails because the tech Gods are angry that day. I've created a simple challenge page that you view each day just in case the email doesn't make it's way to your inbox.

A simple and purposeful workbook to go right along with the challenge

Because I know what it's like to write the most amazing, life-changing things down in a notebook that you completely forget about later. This workbook works right alongside the daily prompts and videos to give you a place to intentionally complete the tasks.

The challenge has ended. We're sorry you missed it!

It's totally free, so all you have to lose is another missed opportunity to "goal" for it.